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10 years ago: 1998, I was 11 years old and in 6th grade. I had just moved with my family to Mason, Ohio and I didn't speak a word of English. I went to Mason Middle School,and basically don't remember a thing from 6th grade. A few things I do remeber though: after a few months I could communicate and had made lots of frieds. One day Tony comes up to me and asks if I want to "go out" with Zach. My response: "Go out where?" Totally did not understand the concept of 6th grade dating (and no, I did not go out with Tony, he weirded me out.) We had a Tornado warning and it scared me to death. The sky was dark and green and we had to put bords up the windows and sit underneath our tables for a really long time.

5 years ago: 2003 My family and I were on the move again. This time to Lisbon, Portugal. I was super excited and very upset at the same time. It was my last year in High School in Brazil, I was leaving all my friends (and my boyfriend - Johan), and I would have to start my senior year all over again. Still, I loved it. I loved living in Portugal, I loved the school, the culture and all of the experiences I had for that short year that I lived there. I miss Portugal like crazy and would go back in heart beat if given the chance.

A Year Ago: Exacly a year ago I had just gotten back from a wonderful (but short) trip from Brazil. My grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and I went down for the family reunion/celebration. Because we slacked with Johan's visa application, he wasn't able to go. I missed him more than I thought possible! I did have tons of fun though. I went to the salon everyday. Got the works done (manicure, pedicure, hair cute, coloring) and felt like a million bucks. Shopped with my mom, ate all the foods that I missed and got to see my family and my in laws!

Yesterday: I bummed all day. Went to school and worked and then got home and just relaxed. The day before I had two big tests and was completely exausted. Amazing how much more tired I get now that I'm pregnant, and how much longer it takes for me to recover! I watched novela, did some packing (we're finally moving tomorrow!) ate some quesadilla with valentina and lime juice and watched a movie with my hubbie!

5 snacks I enjoy: Kibe, cereal (the healthy kind and the not-at-all healthy kind), quesadillas with valentina sauce and lime juice, apples and cheese, and though not a snack I would kiss right now for some caldo de cana (sugar cane juice - so good!)

5 Books I like: Twilight series, Chronicles of Narnia, Control Freak, Where the Wild Things Are and my cookbooks!

What I’d do with 100 million dollars: I would pay off our debts, pays off the debts of all my family members, houses and cars. I would start a bording school in Brazil like the one's they have in Mexico and also a small "Church" university (like the one in Virginia). I would save some for our future and our kids future, buy us a house in Brazil, invest on my dad's dream business travel the world and help all those that I could.

5 places I’d love to run away to: Casa da Lua (my grandparents house); Porto de Galinhas, Brazil; some deserted tropical beach; my parents/in laws place; anywhere else where Johan and I can be away from any problems or troubles and just relax. :o)

5 bad habits and/or pet peeves I have: I don't share milk. I hate shopping for clothes, all the changing really bugs me. I'm extremely forgetful - especially now. Disorganization bugs me to the core, and the fact that I don't have time to be as organized as I would like bugs me even more. I am very OCD with certain things.

5 things I like doing: Talking and hanging out with Johan, watching a movie on a rainy day, cooking new things, being crafty and having the house full of friends and family!

5 things I would never wear: Leather pants, animal prints, animal fur, my pjs in public and anything that is too short or too low or too small.

5 tv shows I like: John & Kate + Eight, anything on HGTV and Food Network, CSI Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives, Globo em geral.

5 famous people I’d like to meet: hummm, this is hard. John and Kate, Julie Andrews, Walt Disney and Hitler (as weird as it may be, I just have so many questions).

5 people I’d like to see fill this out:

Whoever is in the mood (and has nothing better to do because this takes forever!)

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Barbara disse...

Oi Anna...pois e menina eu tb adoro essas coisas,pq a gente sabe de um monte de coisas mto legais mesmo...eu ia escrever em ingles,mas ai pensei q minha familia taria lendo e preferi fazer em portugues...
mas entao...ants on a log e celery com pb e mel e passas em cima,fica parecendo formiguinhas num tronco mesmo (vc mistura o peanut butter e o mel e fica uma consistencia deliciosa,e olha q eu detesto mel)...aprendi na minha aula de nutricao..e otimo pra crianca dps do 1o ano da crianca claro. Ah,pra ficar legal vc colocar o pb no meio do celery sabe???pq ele e meio fundo,ai vc fill aquilo com pb e as passas em cima...faz menina e mto legal!ou entoa vem aqui q eu faco pra vc e vc ve se gosta!
e ai q hrs vc quer a gente ai??eu q vo antes das 5,ai dps o mathew pode ir...

Aline Carson disse...

Demora pra escrever mas eh legal pra quem ta lendo...A gente descrobre um monte de coisa legal das pessoas, neh? Entao, eh Eddie ou Dudu (na verdade eu prefiro dudu mas em ingles fica estranho neh) pq eu convenci o Chris a chamar ele de Edward! hehehehe...E agora ele gosta mesmo...Entao vamos ver se a gente fica com o nome neh, parece mais que a gente ta testando cada nome pra ver se suits him...hahah...Quem sabe semana que vem a gnte ja nao ta com outro!
Desculpa que nao deu pra gente ir hoje aih te ajudar, eh que meio que teve uma emergencia com uma de nossas mocas, depois eu te falo pq eh meio confidencial..Aih o Chris precisou me ajudar a tarde inteira tal...Aih a gnte teve que ir pra Idaho Falls correndo pq acabou o tile que eles tao colocando aqui...Entao nao deu nada certo mas nos ainda damos uma passada aih pra levar o microondas, ajudar a limpar, colacar coisas no lugar, etc...Oq vc precisar...