21 wks - say WHAT?!

Yep, 21 weeks. I'm past the halfway mark.

I had an appointment this week and everything is great. The girls are weighing 14oz each and are growing beautifully. My belly is measuring 7 weeks ahead in a singleton pregnancy. So in other words, I'm 21 weeks with twins, but have a belly of a 28wk-pregnancy with one baby. Crazy hum?!
I feel big. I try not to thing about how much bigger I'll get.

It was fun to see our little girls again! It always is. This time is was especially funny because they were so close together it was hard to figure out who's who and which arm belonged to which baby. When we got this view of their feet they were up against each others, but once she took the picture the moved - it was really cute though!

This has been a crazy crazy week. On Monday we went to Utah to buy our van! It's was quite exciting, We drove down non stop to Roy, got there, Johan worked his mad baganing skills and we left the place having gotten ourselves a great van for an even better deal.

And forgive me for bragging, but I love the van! It has a DVD player built in, heated leather seats, automatic doors and tons of other little gadgets and compartments.

We drove back on tuesday (after eating at Rodizio's of course - we can't pass that), and got home beat. I was so tired I could barely move.

On wednesday we packed and packed and packed and on Thursday we signed the contract and started our move. We brought a few boxes and our beds. Friday we were going to do the rest but ended up having to leave it for Saturday. It was a crazy day, but we did it, with the help of out wonderful friends we packed the rest of the place and moved everything. And today we unpack! So that I don't have to live like this anymore:

I LOVE our new place. I love how it smells so new and how it's so spacious. Thomas is having a ball running back and forth and having so much room. He also loves getting on top of the boxes and just lounging.


Never buy lots of cute fabric, all at once.

Because if you do, you will think of nothing else, all day.

And then, you'll put your kid to bed as fast and as early as you can, just so you can get sewing.

And then... you won't stop. Until you're done.


Boxes... check.

The other day, while I was doing some packing, Thomas decided to do some planning and packing of his own. He found this paper, the pencil, got inside the box and started scribbling.

Silly kid.

And if you haven't already you should check out this blog:


18 semanas

Hoje tive consulta e estava tudo as mil maravilhas. Eu estou bem, só ganhei 5lbs até agora. Estou com a barriga de uma grávida (de 1 bebe) de 22 semanas. E ainda não consigo sentir os chute direito, a placenta continua amortecendo/atrapalhando.

Bebesinhos estão bem! Os batimentos cardiacos estão ótimos e o crescimento também está bom. Os dois estão crescendo igualmente, o que é muito bom mesmo!

Tem sido bem engraçada essa gravidez, em termos de barriga. Domingo eu senti algumas dores na barriga, uns esticas e puxas, e muito peso. Segunda eu acordo e BAM! minha barriga cresceu. E assim tem sido, sindo umas doresinhas, e no dia seguinta a barriga está maior.

Quanto aos nomes... ainda não conseguimos decidir nada. É muito difícil!!! As vezes a gente pede pro Thomas repetir os nomes e ver quão fofo seria cada nome com o Thomas falando... não ajudou muito porque todos soam fofissimos com o Thomas falando! hahaha

Eu adoraria saber pra que nomes vocês estão votando!!!
(I would love to know which names you are voting for, so let me know if you haven't already!)


Trio Parada Dura

Apresento-vos Au-au e Batutu. O Thomas nao dorme sem o Au-au e o Batutu, e sempre quando acorda de manha, ou depois da soneca, a gente ouve ele conversando e brincando com os dois.
Batutu, btw, é macaco. Não sei porque ele fala batutu, macaco não tem nunhum som que ele já não saiba falar, mas por alguma razão é batutu, e é fofo não é?

Ele brinca com esse dois como se fossem animais de verdade, ele deita e rola, e brinca e joga e puxa e conversa como se estivessem brincando de verdade. Eu acho a coisa mais linda. Ainda mais quando ele da beijinhos e abraços nos dois.

Me lembra o Calvin e o Hobbs. :oP


Day 3 :: lovely

I made this lovely dish and completely forgot to take a picture.
I used canned chicken instead of tuna (because tuna in anything but a sandwich kind of weirds me out), and I used rotini instead of gemilli noodles, and I paired it up with some Italian bread.



Day 2 : yay!

Ok, I know it's only day 2, but can I just how I'm loving this?!

Today, at around 4:30 I went into the kitchen while happily singing the theme song to My Friends Tigger and Pooh (because really, when you watch Mickey Mouse Club House every morning, what else do you sing other then all the theme songs?!), got out my handy dandy George Foreman, some chicken breasts, celery, dijon mustard and other yummy things and made this for dinner:

Paired it up with some country ketlle chips and green grapes and we had an overly delicous dinner that belonged more in a hot summer day's picnic than anything else. But I don't care! It was SO good and the best part of it all?


Totally loving this.


Thomas' Room (and weekly menu report)

As I mentioned a while ago, I've been working on a few things for Thomas' room. I've been wanting to give it a big boy look for a while now but after a failed attempt at one of the things I wanted to make I set it all to the side and never got back to it. But now, with the nesting instincts boiling inside me, I've decided to finish off Thomas' room before I started on anything for the babies.

This is my color scheme:

The colors may seems a little brighter then in reality, but I did want to go with something more colorful and bright (yellow and white are also sort of part of it but in minor details). My initial theme was something with starts and planets and robots. But then I realized a more neutral theme that could grow with him and fit with anything interests he develops later would be better. So I just picked the color scheme and decided to stay with stars as a side note sort of detail.

I made the pillow Thomas is laying on. He loves it and especially loves all the stars.

So here is a sneak peak at a few things I've been working on. It's still not done. I still have a curtain to make, a new bed-skirt, a few other decor things, a toy box and I also wanted to make a quilt for him (we'll see how that goes, my first attempt at it ended up in the dumpster).

There is a lot more... but I'll wait for the grand reveal once it's all done and his new room is all set up.
I plan on being done with everything before the end of April. So that then I can get going on all the cute things I have planned for the twins... which will include butterflies and this color scheme:
Cute hum?!!?!?
(the green looks really bright, but it won't be this bright, don't' worry)

Mission :: Weekly Menu
Day 1

Success! Everything was way way fast to make, I had it all ready for when Johan got home and we were able to sit down for dinner with no drama at all!
I'm extremely please with how it all turned out.

For the Rosemary Beef Kabobs I followed this recipe from Recipes by Britta and it was delicious. I paired it with a ceaser salad (for which I made the dressing and the recipe is here) and some potatoes chopped up tossed in olive oil, salt, parsley and bacon ( recipe to come). Way good!!!