21 wks - say WHAT?!

Yep, 21 weeks. I'm past the halfway mark.

I had an appointment this week and everything is great. The girls are weighing 14oz each and are growing beautifully. My belly is measuring 7 weeks ahead in a singleton pregnancy. So in other words, I'm 21 weeks with twins, but have a belly of a 28wk-pregnancy with one baby. Crazy hum?!
I feel big. I try not to thing about how much bigger I'll get.

It was fun to see our little girls again! It always is. This time is was especially funny because they were so close together it was hard to figure out who's who and which arm belonged to which baby. When we got this view of their feet they were up against each others, but once she took the picture the moved - it was really cute though!

This has been a crazy crazy week. On Monday we went to Utah to buy our van! It's was quite exciting, We drove down non stop to Roy, got there, Johan worked his mad baganing skills and we left the place having gotten ourselves a great van for an even better deal.

And forgive me for bragging, but I love the van! It has a DVD player built in, heated leather seats, automatic doors and tons of other little gadgets and compartments.

We drove back on tuesday (after eating at Rodizio's of course - we can't pass that), and got home beat. I was so tired I could barely move.

On wednesday we packed and packed and packed and on Thursday we signed the contract and started our move. We brought a few boxes and our beds. Friday we were going to do the rest but ended up having to leave it for Saturday. It was a crazy day, but we did it, with the help of out wonderful friends we packed the rest of the place and moved everything. And today we unpack! So that I don't have to live like this anymore:

I LOVE our new place. I love how it smells so new and how it's so spacious. Thomas is having a ball running back and forth and having so much room. He also loves getting on top of the boxes and just lounging.

7 comentários:

Dias Family disse...

oi anna td bem ??
amo o Rodizios tb...mas nem sempre conseguimos ir por ser em SLC...
vc ta super bem p gemeos ....
onde vcs compraram a sua van ?? estamos querendo comprar uma tb mas ta dificil achar boa e com poucas milhas e barata ....enfim ....

Brad Marshall disse...

eu ja assisti aquele episodio do Mickey Mouse Club House...hahaha

Rebeca Price disse...

ai Anna, com certeza nao ter mais caixas eh um alivio neh? nem posso falar muito, porque ate outro dia eu ainda tinha umas caixas lahe m casa..mas aos pocuos a gente vai achando lugar pra cada coisa!
ai q legal q voces conseguiram uma vanzinha boa e com tudo isos dentro!!! aiaiaiiaa. Nada nesse mundo me faz convencer brandon de comprar uam van..ate mesmo porque eu nao sou chegada em carro grande, mas quando se tem necesidade (como no seu caso, saind do UMA crianca pra TRES..hehehe) dai vanzinha is the way to go!

Thomas he muito fofo, hanging out emcima das caixas...hehehe
E vc ta otima!!!


Saly disse...

Ai que lindaaaaaa!!!! Pensa numa sogra faceira e numa vovó hiper feliz... Passagens providenciadas... Não vejo a hora de ir... Bjs...

raquel disse...

Q engracado como mudam as coisas de um filho pra tres, rs eu nem tinha pensado nisso, mas vao precisar de uma va mesmo :). Q legal q estao mudando pra um lugar q vc prefere, depois q passa a fase da bagunca eh tao bom mudanca rs. Eu adoro!
Vc ta linda Anna!! To super empolgada pra ver suas menininhas, sempre quis ter gemeos. E o Thominhas com aquele macacaozinho assistinho tv eh a coisa mais fofaa. Bjss

Paty disse...

How exciting!!! Seriously time goes even faster when you already have kids. You look great Anna!

Sounds like you got an awesome deal on your van. It is seriously so much easier to load and unload kids. Plus it's comfy and roomy.

Cassandra Laine disse...

OH MY GOODNESS ANNA!!! You have been on my mind and WOW!!! YOU'RE PREGNANT WITH TWINS!?!?! AHHH!!! Congratulations!!!! What a great mommy you are becoming!!!! I see you're still at Targee for your ultrasound picture so I'm assuming you're still there - how fun! I hope you get Helene to deliver! ;) ;) SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!

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