Day 2 : yay!

Ok, I know it's only day 2, but can I just how I'm loving this?!

Today, at around 4:30 I went into the kitchen while happily singing the theme song to My Friends Tigger and Pooh (because really, when you watch Mickey Mouse Club House every morning, what else do you sing other then all the theme songs?!), got out my handy dandy George Foreman, some chicken breasts, celery, dijon mustard and other yummy things and made this for dinner:

Paired it up with some country ketlle chips and green grapes and we had an overly delicous dinner that belonged more in a hot summer day's picnic than anything else. But I don't care! It was SO good and the best part of it all?


Totally loving this.

2 comentários:

Allyssa disse...

That looks so yummy! I wish my "Georgie boy" ( thats what we call ours :]) was handy dandy...It's the super mega jumbo sized one! we thought it would be great to have one that big when we got it as a wedding gift... turns out, it's just a we-bit tooo big! haha. oh well :]

Kell e Well disse...

Ummm... parece uma delicia!!!
Adorei os nomes... quando eu tiver uma menina o nome sera gabriela (na verdade o well jah fica na minha barriga falando Gabi vem logo... hehhe), por isso nem preciso dizer que este eh o me nome preferido para uma das gemeas né? heheh. Também gosto muito de Olivia.

Adorei o esquema de cores dos quartos. Eu estou jogando um pouco de cor no quaro do Henrique, porque está muito neutro.