Torcida Baby


Bonequinho que a vovó Saly comprou para o Thomas!Obrigado vó!!!


E olha só que legal esse negocinho que eu achei. Eles pedem o nome do bebe e dizem o que o nome reflete. Achei interessante, se o Thomas for tudo isso ai, ficarei muito feliz! :o)

Thomas Amorim Baer

Thomas Amorim Baer reflects idealism, the good of mankind. Thomas Amorim Baer is the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course. A mover and a shaker, without a selfish bone in its body; the name Thomas Amorim Baer attracts respect, support, and devoted fans. It seems even that the Universe tends to support what the name Thomas Amorim Baer represents. Speaks to people of all walks of life. Tolerant and broad-minded.
This name pursues goals other than money and power. It seeks justice. It wants to feed the hungry and heal the sick. And yet, the resources it needs to do the job seem to always magically appear.

Quem quiser ver o que o nome dos seus babies (ou até o seu próprio nome) reflete: http://www.babyzone.com/babynames/baby-name-advisor.asp

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Paty disse...

I don't know about this site Anna. I wrote Glen's name and it gave me the same description as Thomas. Then I wrote Aubrey's and it gave the same one again. Only Naomi's was different.