birthday prep

Birthday prep for Thomas' birthday is in full swing. I'm mostly done and am only finishing up some final things.

Still on my to-do list:

- beijinhos
- cajusinho
- quindim
- cake
- sew table cloths
- cut out letters
- balloons, balloons and ballons

3 comentários:

Paty disse...

I'm sure everything will turn out great! Take lots of pictures (I'm sure you will) so that we can all see.


Oi Anna, td bom?
Hj eh Thomas faz 1 aninho,ne?
Muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiita saúde pra ele e pra vc´s.

Roberta Pavanelo disse...

Que delicia!!
1 aninho é coisa pra comemorar!
Com o capricho da mãe , vai ser lindo!