Real Simple

Can I just say how much I LOVE this magazine?!

It never disappoints me.

Great ideias, great tips, great recipes, great everything!

Today I tried a new recipe and loved it!!! I made a few changes to it, and will be posting it soon on my recipe blog (which I have brought back to life btw).

I love reading books, but even more, I love flipping through a good magazine. Especially ones like this one that has so many cool ideas and great stuff!

If anyone ever wants to give me a gift : subscribe me to this magazine. (hint hint)

What magazine do you love?

Another thing I love is this: Seriously So Blessed if you've never been there and is in need of a good laugh - GO. seriously so funny.

2 comentários:

Celia disse...

My mother in law gave me a two year subscription of the real simple magazine a while back, and I kept them all and read them over and over just because I loved them. I also like better homes and the pottery barns catalogs :)

Jenny disse...

Anna! As you might know my favorite magazine is the one that we flipped through on our way down to UT. Domino... unfortunately they are not around anymore. But I do LOVE Real Simple. Definitely one of my favorites! :) I heard that this new online magazine has some of the people that worked at the Domino magazine and I totally believe it because I am absolutely in love with it. Here is the link, I hope you enjoy it. I dont know why I just wrote all of this in English. I guess your whole post was in English... Ha ha. PS: Today we started photo shop in my Com 130 class.... A day after Johan installs what I thought I would be using throughout the whole semester. here is the link to that e-magazine! :) (http://www.lonnymag.com/) DREAM!