so many ideas...

and I have all the time in the world! The only thing is... where do I start?!

We're moving in about a month. I love moving, weird I know, but I do. It's a new start, a new place and best of new - new decor!!! So considering the fact that I will have a colored wall in my new place, Thomas gets a big boy room(which has been a work in progress since he turned 1 but will finally be concluded) and there is a new nursery to take care of...

Spring Fever Throw Pillow
Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art
Planet Looking Mobile Thing
Frame Your Silver
Ribbon Frames
Ribbon Flowers
Growth Chart (make 3!)
Shell Topiary
Quiet books
Necklace Organizer
Stars and Planets Mobile
Framed Initial
Ribbon Lamp
Project Display Board

... and that's only a few of them. I have about 5 pages on my journal of sketches and ideas/stuff that I want to make. And let's not forget all the burp cloths, blankets, and other cute baby things that my fingers are itching to make as soon as color are defined (as in blue vs. pink... even though I'm pretty pink wins).

So... let me stop talking and get to work!

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Paty disse...

Anna, where are you guys moving to? Hopefully you'll have lots of help. It's no fun moving while preggo. I was 7 months preggo w/ the girls when we moved to Hyde Park and it was a pain...literally!! Our previous apartment managers were super picky about how the apt. needed to be. I was seriously on my knees all around the apt trying to clean the baseboards (my back was killing me). Glen and I were so tired that day, that we got to the new apt and just fell asleep on our couches (good thing they were comfy).

I clicked on some of the links and those are some pretty cute ideas. You'll have a lot of work, so you definetely should get to it before the twins are born. Twins are a lot of work but specially at the beginning (the lack of sleep doesn't help). Anyway, you gave me an awesome idea about the growth charts! Aubrey and Naomi are growing super fast, so it would be neat to keep a record and compare. They are definetely taller than the typical almost two year olds. Anyway, we just started working on our basement so we have a TON of studs. I think I'm gonna go and steal me two of those to make that project.

I've been wanting to decorate the girls room (big girl room) but unfortunately that room is our toy room and so I definetely don't want to do anything with it until the downstairs is complete. I've already thought of the colors I want: chocolate brown and pink. The girls still do fine in their cribs so the nursery works just as well for them. I guess I should concentrate on decorating the rest of my house...my walls are still bare, but I'm still not sure what I want.

Oh and before I forget. I too was gonna make some quiet books. My sister in Cali showed me the pages she was working on and they look awesome! I saw the idea you found, but I didn't think it was as cute. If you want, I'll ask my sister for the links she found, totally cute, plus it has a ton more activities to help toddlers learn different skills.

Rebeca Price disse...

Ai Anna, eu tambem amo mudar, e to cheia de ideias tambem, mas I wish I had all the time in the world to do them. :S
Someday, maybe, I'll have it.
Eu fico pensando q quando eu parar de trabalahr e ir rpa escola, eu vou ter tempo pra tudo sabe? tomara q esse dia chegue logo. Na verdade, eu ja falei q vou parar de trabalhar no fim desse ano. Mesmo q meu trabalho eh part-time e eu posso levar rachel, ainda sim eu fico faltando muito nas coisas q eu tenho q fazer dentro de casa sabe? mas um dia eu chego lah. Aproveite esse tempo, porque com dois bebes chegando, eu sei q depois vai ser complicado!!!
beijao rpa voce.
E quero ver as fotos de tudo como ficou depois ta?

Allyssa disse...

these are so cute!!! i love the flowers! i started making some for Chloe! :o)

Celia disse...

I am in the same mood as you. We move furniture around the other day and I went crazy redecorating my apartment again. I want to make a silent book for Sadie as well, thanks for the ideas. :)