Family Pictures

Last week, while in Utah, we FINALLY took family pictures - and they turned out amazing!!
They are seriously beautiful. I've already printed a bunch and filled out living room wall with them. I don't get tired of looking at them... I love how they really portray our family - crazy and wild and happy. And good looking of course!
Thomas didn't stop for one second. Every picture of him, he's moving, walking, trying to get away or being silly - just as he normally is. I love him.
He still loves me... despite my ginormous belly. And I love him for being the best ever.
Seriously cannot wait until the girls are here and we have two other little cuties in our pictures! Oh and here is my living room. Totally cute and full of pictures! :o)

4 comentários:

Rebeca Price disse...

ai annaaaaa, as fotos tao lindas mesmo!!! voces sao uma familia muito linda. o Thomas eh um charme demais. E claro, quando as meninas chegarem, vai ser um show!!!

Allyssa disse...

I love them!!! you all look so amazing! I need to take a new family picture....lol.. ♥

Paty disse...

You guys look great! Loved the pictures. The date is coming up....how exciting!!!

Cassandra Laine disse...

These are awesome! Who took them!!! So great!!