33 wks and cheering on!

(I don't know why it's blurry... just ignore that - but do notice the tears on the shirt... no, my belly didn't do that - it was there already!)

So... 33 weeks! yikes!
The girls are doing great, they are moving, and breathing, and having the hicups and kicking and growing a whole lot. But no sign of them coming just any time soon. Contractions are still very irregular, though they are becoming a bit more intense and are sort of different. I've been feeling a lot of pressure too... and I feel like my belly has dropped a lot. But then that could just be the fact that there are two babies hanging in there... could be. 

The great news this week is that at the ultrasound we saw some HAIR!!! Yes! Believe it or not, we saw hair. According to Shannon (the ultrasound tech) that little fuzzy looking things around the head is hair!
Do you see it?! I couldn't believe it. That right there is Baby B, and baby A had some hair action going too, but this picture is better. I'm so excited, still a little skeptical, but still very very very excited! 

Appointments are once a week now, and include ultrasounds and stress tests. And we're basically taking it one week at a time. Dr. M said that unless things change (as in contractions become regular) we are good for one more week, at least. 

And  a few "fun" facts that I don't want to forget but probably will so I better put them here...
Lately I ...
- have been losing my appetite. I can still eat like a mad woman.
- have been walking like a fat penguin.
- need a grand total of 6 pillows to sleep: two for head, two for legs, one for back one for belly.
- am still only waking up once (if that) for a pipi break - that's what I call talent!
- will eat an entire jar of salsa in one sitting by myself. thanks goodness salsa is healthy. 
- do not sit on the floor anymore... way too hard to get up afterwords.
- only wear flip-flops. My feet are so swollen even some sandals don't fit.
- had to take out my wedding ring and put a larger ring on. Again - too swollen!
- have been having crazy dreams about the babies and their birth and such. All pretty good, nothing scary - just crazy. 

And other than that, our bags are packed and we are ready. My mom gets here on Saturday and then I will REALLY be ready for them!

5 comentários:

Kell e Well disse...

Sua barriga esta linda Anna. Eu imagino que deve ser uma loucura carregar tanto peso!

Quando eu era mais nova eu queria que meus filhos fossem todos carequinhas, mas depois que o Iq nasceu eu achei tão difertido aquele cabelão que eu estou torcendo para que a minha Gabriela tb venha cabeluda, para eu brincar bastante... heheh

Boa Sorte nesta reta final!!!

Barbara disse...

Ai como eu AMO vir aqui e ver fotos da barriga...me sinto mais perto de vc e adoro saber das pequeninas....anna continua postando pq a tua barriga deve estar mudando mto nesses provaveis ultimos dias de gravidez hein?continua tirando mais fotos...ameiiiii os news...e hang in there!sera que vc vai ter as meninas logo dps q sua mae chegar que nem o Thomas?ui que alegria seria!!!!mto bom ter a mamis por perto...
PS: nessa foto da pra ver q vc ta inchada mesmo,q nem eu tava quando tava pra ter a Bia,lembra???ai ai...it goes away....to torcendo por vc Annocas....
mil bjussssssssssss
Babi e cia

Rebeca Price disse...

nossa anna, voce ta de parabesn! imagino o tanto q eh dificil hang in there, mas voce ta conquering it!!!
e aproveita neh, porque daqui a pouco elas tao ai. Nem acredito q o tempo passou tao rapido! nossa!!!

Nancy disse...

Anna..vc ainda foi melhor que eu. Eu comecei a usar havaianas desde o quarto mes. eu fiquei mutio tempo inchada, minha alianca me serviu até o sexto mês, depois usava qquer anel. eu dava aula e tinha umas atividades q eu precisava fazer no chao: impossivel; tive q trocar todas e adaptar algumas. O sonhos mais doidos do mundo vieram nos ultimos dias tb. Eu sonhava q apareciam mais 2 bebes na hora do parto, sonhava q eu terminava de ganhar e ainda ficavam bebes la dentro, depois sonhava q eu tava andando de bicicleta e esquecia minhas bebes no arque.. e dai pra pior. E comer tinha virado objeto de luxo. Eu só bebia muuuuuuuuuuuito suco de laranha e fazia xixi. Basicamente minha vida se resumiu nisso nos dois ultimos meses. Mas eu venci!!1hahah e vc ta melhor q eu. Q bom q sua mãe vai te ajudar. Minha mae é meu anjo nesses primeiros meses. e a sua será o seu tb. Toda ajuda é bem vinda, pq chega uma hr em q toda nossa energia se esgota. Ai, alguem olha elas pra vc, vc dorme e acorda como se nada tivesse acontecido!!! A maternidade tem sido uma grande caixa de boas surpresas na minha vida. Ainda mais em dose dupla pra mim. EStá quase chegando seu dia...força.

Paty disse...

Wow, I'm amazed that they can tell when a baby has hair just by an ultrasound. I guess they could never tell on mine cause they barely had any.

I was just looking back at my blog and noticed a post where I was 36 weeks pregnant and measuring 44. I really don't remember what I was measuring at 38 weeks, probably even more than that. It's seriously amazing how our tummies can stretch so much.

That's nice that you have your mom and mom in law to help you. My mom was there for one week and then she had to go because of a trip she had planned. Glen, well, he started his job and was gone from 5:30 am to 6 or 7 at night. It was really tuff those first couple of months but I quickly got the hang of it and came up with some creative ways to do things. Anyway, I'm happy for you, take advantage of all the help you can get, you are lucky to have it.