Had my weekly date with Dr. M today. And it was a really good one.

Both baby girls are head down, and really low. I was extremely happy to find out that they were both head down. Baby A has always been head down, but Baby B kept changing in the beggining until a few months ago she decided to just stay head up. We were already thinking that she was just going to saty there, but after a night of her moving like crazy I guess she decided to be nice to her mom and just turn around. Good girl!

Both have grown, hearts are beating, lungs are breathing and everything else is just as it should be - and they should be weighing somewhere around 5 lbs and 5.5 lbs. They are getting so big... it's like I'm carrying a ten-pounder! YIKES! Thanks goodness I'm not though, because delivering two 5 pound babies is complitely different from delivering one 10 pound baby. :oP

I'm two cm dilated and have been having lots of contractions. I'm also really swollen, my feet have been getting huge by the end of the day. The swollen thing cracks me up. I never got swollen with Thomas, in fact, I have never gotten swollen - ever. So the other day, when my mom (she's here btw) was looking at my feet and pressed down the skin and it stayed, I was totally freaked out. I had no idea that that could happen! So my grandma sent me a ton of lotions and gels and Johan has been giving me nightly foot rubs - can't complaint at all.

The amniotic fluid is getting low, and it has been for the past few weeks. So if I don't go into labor on my own, we'll probably (if at the next appointment it has gotten even lower) have to induce next week. NEXT WEEK! I couldn't believe when he said that... that's like in 7 days... 

I wonder if they be 4th of July babies... that would be fun. 

In the meanwhile, I'm just enjoying the delicious Summer that has bloomed in Rexburg - finally!
So toodles for now.

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Nani disse...

that's so exciting Anna, It's coming up!!! Good job on keeping yourself and the babies healthy. 34 weeks and you're still hanging in there. Good Job Girl(s)! hehe :)

Nancy Dias disse...

Anna....ta chegando..Que delícia.Enato no máximo em uma semana vc ja terá suas bebezinhas como vc?? Agra eu to curiosa para conhecê-las..Bjin

Rebeca Price disse...

as unhas do pe estao LINDAS!!! quem fez pra vc? porque nao eh possivel q vc com esse barrigao ainda conseguiu fazer neh? hehehe
eita Anna, sera q eh semana q vem? menina, ta perto.

The Marshalls disse...

Voce eh uma gravida muito bonita! fico feliz so de ver sua felicidade....thanks for sharing it :)

Celia disse...

I am very happy for you! The girls will be here in a week ? That's exciting!.

Paty disse...

Sooo happy for you!

Ana disse...

Menina... seus pés estão lindos...se vc visse os meus cairia para trás... isso que eu não tive gêmeas... meus pés ficaram parecendo dois pães caseiros hahahaha...você está linda e essas nenéns vão ter the best mom EVER!!
Super kisses!!