We came home today. And though it was good to be back home with Thomas. I wish I didn't have to come empty handed. Plus I really love the hospital bed and will miss it dearly.
It's weird and very sad to leave the hospital after delivering a baby... well, TWO babies, with nothing. I felt empty and incomplete as I left and especially as I arrived home and had nothing to put in the crib in our room.

Their things are here, their clothes, blankets and bows... everything is waiting for them to come home. And we are also waiting impaitiently for their arrival.
Get well soon baby girls. We want you home!

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Paty disse...

It sucks to leave your babies behind, lucky for me it was lesss than a day. Hope they get released from the hospital soon. Any word on when that will be?

Wait...you like the hospital bed? All I was looking forward was to sleep in my comfy bed.