Matchy Matchy

It's hard getting a good picture of the girls when they are awake. But it would be a shame not get a picture of their first matching outfit! CUTE!

They had told me I could bring in my own outfits for the girls but had decided not to... convinience you know?! But then I figured... why not? Plus, I'm afraid of them growing out of these cute premie outfits (which they are close to) before getting a chance of wearing it. So today I took these pjs for them - isn't it just the cutest thing?! They looked adorable!!!
They are doing really well, they took most of their feedings today all by bottle - hurray! The Occupational Therapist has been seeing and from what I can tell, and from what we've been told, it really is helping.
It still has not sunk in that we have twins... let alone that we have three kids! And I don't think it will until we actually bring them home (which I hope is really really sooooon!!!)

I love my baby girls. Have I mentioned this? I'm seriously in love with them.

6 comentários:

Roberta Pavanelo disse...

que fofura com estas roupinhas! Fico feliz que elas estão se desenvolvendo tão bem

Saly disse...

E quase que nem servem os pijaminhas!!! Ainda bem que quando a vovoh voltar vai poder ficar um monte com essas bonequinhas!

Aline Carson disse...

Ai que coisinhas mais fofitchas!!! Eu acho que não dá pra ter noção do tamainho delas pelas fotos...Parece que elas tem tamanho normal de recem nascidas...Mas se tão usando roupinhas de preemie ainda são bem pititicas! A Jasmine usou roupinhas de preemie e eu tava going through as roupinhas dela esses dias e achei um mooonte de roupa preemie dela...Uma mais lindinha que a outra!!! Aí eu resolvi guardar tudo pra ela brincar de boneca hahaha...É difícil de acreditar que um dia ela coube dentro daquelas roupinhas, bodyzinhos...Difícil mesmo...So cherish every moment!

Nani disse...

How cute!!!!

Paty disse...

que lindas!!! Parabens!!

Paty disse...

They are so cute Anna! And yes, it looks like they are already outgrowing the jammies, good thing you decided to have them wear them before that happens. Can't wait to meet them.