7 hrs

Last night I got 7 whole hours of uninterupted sleep. Amazing right? I can hardly believe it. I wouldn't say that they are sleeping well through the night yet though. A few nights ago they slept for 6 hours, but then for a couple of night they woke up every three hours, then last night we got the 7hr surprise. But I do hope that they are going in that direction and getting there soon.

I've been so tired, and I know I have all the reason in the world to be tired. Still I feel like I'm TOO tired, like I'm always dragging... and I'm tired of being tired.

But today I felt good. I felt rested. I felt upbeat.

And to top off the day, Carol gave me the biggest smile ever - while she was away and looking at me! I'm pretty sure it was a response smile as opposed to a reflex smile - because later today, she did it again, and again and again!

So even though it's late, and they might not sleep through the night, and Gabi took forever to fall asleep (in fact, she still hasn't) and I smell like a mom of newborns (yeah, you know it) - I'm beyond happy.

 08/04 - this picture makes me laugh. :oD

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