the going green craze

Like many I have a hard time really believing on everything that is said about Global Warming. I do believe that there are changes going on in the world; however I believe that these changes have been going on since the beginning. I thing Going Green is a good think, but at the same time I think it’s a little too extreme. We have made some changes in our home, but above all we believe in moderation, and that is how we live. We still use plastic bags at the store, but we don’t throw them away right away. We try to use as little as possible with our groceries, and then we reuse them at our home in our garbage cans. We try not to use so much water in our showers, we try not to leave the lights on or open the fridge unnecessarily. And I do see things that we could be doing but don’t. We don’t recycle, and that is something that I really find important. However, it’s hard when we see that the city we live in doesn’t have the structure to support recycling.

I don’t believe that the Lord will let the world be destroyed because of the choices that we make. I don’t believe that we really need to be so psychotic about saving the planet and global warming and going green. We can’t destroy the earth, nor can we save it. Christ will save us, and for now all we have to do is take care of our planet and be grateful for all the abundance that we have been blessed with.

We need to do our part and preserve. Recycle, don’t waste, save – these are all tangible things and easy things that we can all do. But at the same time, we need to listen and educate ourselves on global warming; it may not be entirely true, but there is some truth to it. We are being abusive with the earth and there are many things that we can do to preserve its beauty.

Think about it, learn, read that is lots of information out there, and educate yourselves on the subject if you haven’t already. I am a firm believer in knowing what is going on in the world and being part of it. Don’t let these things pass and not know about what is going on around you. This is our home, whatever the truth really is, whether the world is warming up or not – we need to care for it and preserve.

No need to be extreme. Just be wise.

The end.

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Aline Carson disse...

Eu concordo. Tb acho que nos devemos ser sabios e fazer oq pudermos para economizar agua, energia...Nao eh soh ruim para o planeta, eh ruim tb p nosso bolso, entao pq nao? Eu tb acho que eh importante reciclar e sempre reciclo qdo posso. Eu acho importante procurarmos saber de postos de reciclagem em nossas cidades ou perto de onde moramos.
Eu tb nao acho que devemos ser extreme, eu acho que todo esse "going green" craze eh pra dar dinheiro mesmo, ta na moda. Esta acontecendo, mas eu tb nao acho que o planeta sera destruido, mas se nao cuidarmos bem dele tb nossa qualidade de vida logo nao sera a mesma. Enfim, eu corcordo com oq vc disse.