There is so much that I need to write about on here that I would always get extremely overwhelmed at the thought catching up on everything on here and so... I just didn't!

But today I woke up determined to just write something and get this thing going again.

So the big news is... we are getting ready for not one, but TWO babies.

On Dec. 15, two days before we left for Brazil we went in for my first appointment (we had know that I was pregnant for 3 weeks already.)

After starting the ultrasound, the Midwife was taking a long time to say anything. She just kept looking and looking and looking closer and not saying anything. Johan was pretty quiet too and I was starting to wonder if she was even seeing anything. That's when Johan asked:

"Is that what I think it is?"
and Helen says "Yup, do you want to tell her or do you want me to?"

With a big question mark over my head I ask "What?!"

And as she turns the monitor around, she doesn't even have to say anything, I see them.

"You're having twins!"

I could barely believe it. Never in a millions years did I ever - EVER - expected to expect twins! But here we are, after many days of pure shock, yes, I was in shock and still am a little, we are trying to get back on our feet and figure out what to do.

We are very excited, and scared, but still very excited. The babies are identical, and we know this because they are sharing one placenta. Because they are sharing this one placenta there are a lot of risks involved, which I won't get into right now.

For now, we are doing well, I'm doing better, and the babies are doing great. I go in for my next appointment in 3 weeks and I can't wait to see my little bitty babies again.

I promise to post Brazil pictures soon and post about everything else that's been going on.


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Rebeca Price disse...

FINALLY! Vixi, eu sei como eh a preguica de postar aqui..e ainda mais quando vai juntando assunto e foto..dai nunca a gente atualiza neh????
oh anna, essa foto da ultrassom eh linda demais viu?? eu queria tanto ter gemeos. hahhahhahaa. E o Johan eh esperto!! parabens pra voces.

Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen disse...

Anna, nems ei se tu lembra de mim. A gente nunca se viu mas eu te tneho no orkut e sempre to dando uma olhadinha no teu blog. Menina eu to tao feliz por ti. Que massa!!!!! Gemeosss!!!!! Que legal. Vai ser muito bacana viu? Estarei orando pra que vc e seus babies tenham muita saude durante toda a gravidez ta? To aqui de longe no AZ, nao te conehceo pessoalmente mas to torcendo por ti. Um bjooooo!!!! Julia

Breanna disse...

Congrats again! That is such exciting news! I hope that everything continues to go well. You are such a great mom, your new babies are so blessed to have you!

Allyssa disse...

Congratulations again. We are so excited for you guys! Thomas is getting so big! you have to let us know what you nwill be having:o)

Kika, Olivia disse...

Ai vai ser tao lindo!! Tens que adicionar Emma Barrus no teu facebook, ela eh mae de twins, e as twins mais maravilhosas e inteligentes que conheco!!

ja sabes se sao menino, menina, one of each?


Aline Carson disse...

uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ameiiii! hahaha adorei a historia, ainda mais qdo o Johan falou aquilo, meu, deve ter sido emocionate e chocante ao mesmo tempo!!!! Vc chorou???? Seu coracao deve ter pulado neh? E amei o novo header, ficou demais!!! Mto fofo os dois ovinhos! hehe


Celia disse...

CONGRATULATIONS! Those are really big exciting news, and I am very happy for you guys.

Cassandra Laine disse...

WOW! That's amazing - You're a amazing!! and Identical??? SOO BLESSED!!!