No belly button.

Thomas has this crazy obsession with belly buttons. His, and everyone else's
So today I was watching veggie tales videos with him and came across this video. I love Veggie Tales, it cracks me up, especially the Silly Songs with Larry. But this one has got to be the best one yet.

btw: I updated the blog with a post on Thomas' birthday party (which I realized yesterday that I had never done). Since this is like my journal sort of thing, the party was something I had to include. So if you are interested in seeing some/more pictures of the party here is the direct link to the post, if not, it's ok, just watch the video. It's totally worth it.


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Megan disse...

Ana, I love this! I showed it to Aubrey and she was laughing so hard! Also, congratulations on the twins. So exciting:)