Thomas' Room!

I finally finished Thomas' room!!! Hurray!!!
And could I just brag a little and say how proud of myself I am?! I mean really.... is it awesome or is it awesome?!
That blanket that I had done turned into a cover for his changing pad and will one day turn into a sham. I decided to make a duvet cover instead and bought a crib/toddler duvet at ikea. SOOOOO much better! Don't you love the stars? I do... they make me happy!

Ok...so maybe I'm not REALLY done because I still have to hang the star lamp  which will look something like this once it's up. Cute hum?!

But the blocks totally make up for it. One has numbers, one has all the vowels, and the third spells Thomas.
So now I am done and I have officially started working on the girl's room. I couldn't even get my ideas straight and do anything for them before I had Thomas' room done. But now it's done. And guess what? I've already made the girls some blankets, burp clothes and am even working on a dress... we'll see how that works out!

5 comentários:

Rebeca Price disse...

ai Anna, ta fofo demais! adorei as cortinas tambem!!!
to aqui ja super animada pra ver o quarto das meninas.. E tomara q o povo do grupo adicione logo os panos neh?

Aline Carson disse...

YAY!!! It is so adorable! Tb não vejo a hora de ver o quartinho das meninas. How fun!
O quartinho do Eric já está quase pronto tb...Bom, mais ou menos né, agora falta a saia do berço e uns outros accents que eu quero comprar mas assim que ficar pronto eu coloco fotos!


Paty disse...

you did an awesome job Anna! The room looks adorable. Hehehe, I have plans for the girls room, but it will be a long time before I even start working on it. I'll probably change my mind about the decor a bunch of times by the time I get to it. Regardless, it sure is fun to decorate and work on projects.

Ká Costa disse...

Ah Anna, que lindo o quartinho do Thomas. Bem diferente e de super bom gosto.
Assim como as meninas a cima, tbm estou ansiosa pra ver o quarto das meninas! Nossa, tudo novo pra voce, tudo rosa! Que lindo!

Celia disse...

Thomas room looks great!. I enjoy decorating but what I enjoy even more is shopping for the decorations.
You are so busy with all this fun projects!
I am excited to see the girls room.:)