Twinzlington Babies Shower

 24 weeks = 6 months = girls are almost here 

Thanks to my wonderful friends, the girls finally have clothes to wear!!! :o)

Saturday was my baby shower, organized by Jenny and full of cute little details. We had milk and cookies and lots of fun games and even more talking and catching up.

There was an absurd amount of delicious cookies to eat. Chocolate chips, sugar, pirouettes, peanut butter and so many others that it's even hard to remember. And of course, MILK! White and chocolate. And the favors were actually white paper bag (like brown bags for lunches but in white) for people to take some cookies home. Purty clever eh?

There was so much pink and turquoise and grey and little touches of birdies everywhere. My favorite was how Jenny used the two outfits as part of the decoration. So fitting! :o)
It was really really fun, I trully loved it all, from the delicious cookies, to the cute decor, to the lovely gifts!

And even though it was pink and girly things all day long, Thomas was a trooper and had lots of fun as well...especially with the balloons!

3 comentários:

Roberta Pavanelo disse...

Como ficou lindo! Parabéns Jenny =) E Anna, vc está linda! adorei o jeito q se arrumou! Como é gostoso curtir bem todas as etapas da vida. Me deu até vontade de ir atrás do meu próximo baby!! rs...rs...beijos!

Allyssa disse...

I know those red flower dresses. :o) You looked so beautiful at the shower! I can't wait to see the little beutiful girls :o)

Pri Rebicki Prestes disse...

que lindooooo, tudo lindo.
ana, espero que nao se importe , eu de adicionei na minha lista de blogs porque adoro seu blog! to achando essa historias de gemeas mega legal e o thomas eh um maravilhoso.
best wishes