Growing growing growing

The girls had their first doctors appointment this past week. And it was all good news! It had been 1 week since they were discharged from the hospital and I couldn't believe how much they've grown. They are eating and sleeping super well and the best of all - they are growing wonderfully well!

So, at three weeks...

6lbs 9 oz
20 inches

6 lbs 1 oz
18 inches

We took some pictures of them at two weeks and had lots of fun doing it. It's definetly harder with two than it was with just Thomas... but we got some great pictures of them and some really cute/fun out takes!

And here is the good one that went straight to their birth announcement. Isn't it perfect!? Aren't THEY perfect?!

3 comentários:

Paty disse...

They are beautiful!!!

Aline Carson disse...

Owwwnnnn...Que fofas! Eu já sei quem é quem, a Gabriela é a mais vermelhinha/moreninha, né? Tb é a menorzinha.

Paola Gautier disse...

Ai que invejinha!
Estou louca para tirar foto dessas gracinhas. SERIO!!