1st day of school

Today Thomas had his first day of school (toddler school/daycare). He loved it, he had fun, played outside, made friends and best of all - used up all his bottled up energy!

For now he'll be going only twice a week for a couple of hours. But once fall comes he'll probably start going three times a week. I just feel so bad for him being locked up inside all day, I can tell he gets bored. He wants to play outside and do things but I can't spend all day outside with him, and I can't give him as much attention as I used to be able to, so this is wonderful for him!

2 comentários:

Aline Carson disse...

Ai que fofinho!! hehehe. Eu tb vou colocar a Jasmine na escola as soon as I get there. O Eric ainda vou esperar um pouco (maybe until I have a third???) hehe..

Paola Gautier disse...

Que tchutchuquinho de mochila Anna!!
To com saudades desse sapequinha ja :)