You know when you're half way between being asleep and waking up and you're mind starts to think of random things? This morning, while I was in this transitional limbo space I thought about when I was I don't remember how old and I wrote a little essay about something that I can't really remember what. But in this essay, I do remember that I wrote that I wanted to live to be 200 years old. 

Then I woke up today and I was 24. A couple feedings and a little sleep later I woke up again, but this time to delicious breakfast in bed, a "happy birthday" balloon and a lovely gift -  obrigada Saly! Then Thomas joined me, helped me finish off my breakfast and then took off with my ballon, I love my little guy. Johan gave me his gift and then the calls started. 
What I love most about having birthdays is being thought of and remembered. I love receiving cards and calls and messages on facebook/orkut. I love feeling loved and feeling special. Thank you everyone for remembering!

In honor of the good ol' days when I was young and full of energy, I chose to go to Outback for my birthday dinner.

(why are waitresses picture-taking-challenged?!)

Thomas was being wild as usual (can you find him in the picture?!), the girls behaved super well and we all laughed a whole lot, ate way too much bread, bloomin' onions and aussie cheese fries and whatever else it was that we ordered. 

And to top it all off, a big scoop of ice cream along with an awesome license to eat cake (the ice-cream doesn't count because it's not cake....). Jenny and I are part of the Birthday Card Club, we're the only members though. So at our birthdays we always give each other a card. I really like being part of the birthday card club. :o)

And now I am 24! I thought a lot about this today, how I'm 24 and what I've done with my life so far. What I have accomplished, what I've done and who I am. I know... a slight precocious mid life crisis sort of thinking, but there are certain "ages" that when you reach you just start thinking more about life and what we're doing with it. For me, it was like that at 15, at 19 and now at 24. The 19 hit me pretty hard, and now at 24 I feel like it's hitting me again. But then again, the fact that I'm suddenly a mother of 3 may also have a big part in it. 
Either way... right now, I feel accomplished and I feel like a conquerer. I still have lots and lots more ahead of me - I know- and am extremely excited to what life has in store for us. But looking back at all that I have done in these 24 years of mine, I feel they were well spent, well lived and well used. 

So here's to 24 more. Or, if all goes according to plan, here's to 176 more!

3 comentários:

Nani disse...

Happy Belated Birthday Anna!!!

Paty disse...

Glad you had a woderful birthday and girl, 24 is hecka young!!!!

Aline Carson disse...

How fun!!! O Outback é meu restaurante favorito. E falando nisso, eu vou fazer 25 daqui alguns dias. 25!!! Nossa, eu sempre achei que depois dos 22 era mto velha. Agora eu até gosto, cada ano que passa as pessoas me levam mais a sério, fico mais madura. hehe